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Trash Cookie

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just sayin [Sep. 10th, 2006|06:05 pm]
Trash Cookie
This morning I rode the bus to work because I had left my bicycle there last night.
My bus was already at the stop by my house when I was running up it.
There were 2 men standing by the door of the bus but looked in no hurry to get on.
"are you guys in line?" I asked.
"go ahead. Ladies first. That's the rule right?" The man rolling a cigarette responded.
"nah, I think we're all equal now." I said, as I hopped up onto the first step of the bus.
"oh snap!" the smoker's friend chimed in.
I started putting $2.25 into the machine that takes money and issues transfer passes.
"shit, I can't find my quarter!" I said out loud to myself while tearing my messenger bag apart.
"don't worry about it lil lady." The bus driver said, and pushed the button to confirm I had already paid full price.

I sat down in the back of the bus where the seats face in as opposed to forward. The man who was rolling a cigarette outside came and sat across from me.
"equal my ass. You got a discount. y'all have is so much easier than us men." he scoffed at me and looked toward the front of the bus. I almost said something, but I hadn't slept the night before and didn't feel like having any sort of discussion with a random on the city bus.

Later, when I got off the bus and was walking through a four way stop, I heard a set of three loud car honks. I looked around and saw some army boys in a older white suv with tires 3 times their normal size. They were honking to let me know they liked my breasts, and holding up traffic in the process. Without even thinking I gave them the finger. They yelled out "FUCK YOU TOO, DYKE!" while speeding off through the intersection and giving me the finger in return. They didn't even stop giving me the finger until about 4 or 5 blocks down. But, by then I couldn't see them, so I don't know if they ever actually stopped. They could still possibly be waving their pasty white middle finger in the air to the thought of my frigidity.
anyways, this all got me thinking, and you know what? We totally do have it easier than men.
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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2006|07:17 pm]
Trash Cookie
who knew Dublin would end up being one of my favorite cities?
record store shopping in italy is so amazing i felt like i was in a dream...a really expensive dream.
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events [Aug. 10th, 2006|02:41 pm]
Trash Cookie
A week ago I found a piano for free!
A few days ago I found 20 dollars on the ground while running!
Yesterday I found out I got a 4.0 in school for spring and summer classes!
Today I found out that I was granted lots of financial aid!

on the down side though...I'm leaving the country in a few days on American airlines flying into the UK.
The airlines said no mp3 players, no electronics, no contact solution, no nothin! Only the most important stuff in a clear ziplock bag. Ugh.
I have to wear my glasses and look like a nerdbomber.
well, I guess it will be extra safe to travel within the next week?
One day we'll only be able to fly after we've mailed all our luggage to our destination, stripped, and had full cavity searches.
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still got it? [Jun. 27th, 2006|03:26 pm]
Trash Cookie
So, there's this high pitched noise that sounds like a mosquito and only kids can hear it. only because your hearing declines as you get older and blah blah. It was originally used to keep kids out of nice stores, but the kids caught on and turned it into a cell phone ring tone. Now kids can keep their cell phones on during class, because the teachers can't hear it.
here's an article that goes in depth and also has a link to the sound, so you can hear if you're old or not.
I heard it. phewph.
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polihale [Jun. 14th, 2006|08:32 pm]
Trash Cookie
Nothing beats first class tickets straight from LAX to Kona, Hawaii.
My family in hawaii is so amazing. I've made a promise to come out here once a year to visit them. I already miss them so much.
I left the big island on Saturday, to go to Oahu, and now i'm on Kauai.
Kauai is so crazy beautiful I can't even believe it. I've taken tons of pictures and i'll post some when I get back.
The first day I got here I went to Waimea Canyon, which everyone says is just like the grand canyon of the south pacific...but i'm here to tell you it's a billion times better than the grand canyon. Not only is it NOT in arizona but it is so epic I can't even began to explain it. Last night I camped on a sacred beach on the north shore. There was white sand for miles, crystal clear/light blue water, and not a soul in sight. I feel so lucky right now...life rules.

I miss everyone, I miss my dog, and I miss my home...but Rory and I are having so much fun I almost never want to come home. ..
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